Peter Gilbert

Logo of sculptor Peter Gilbert

Nothing is finite.

Everything can be transformed. Reinvented. In Peter Gilbert’s world, discarded or found everyday objects, be they Man made or Nature formed, offer endless possibilities and become the building blocks for his art.

Art Reborn

Rusted iron, sun bleached driftwood and antique carved woods are the materials of choice.

Weathered by the passage of time, these ingredients have already been “pre-sculpted” by Nature or Man and  are upcycled to provide a fascinating palette of forms, textures and tones.

The approach is usually whimsical. Disused iron cooking pots are turned upside down, fused with other found objects and transformed into warrior helmets. Similarly obsolete pickaxes and coat hangers metamorphose into bird forms and bright pink discarded inner soles mutate to become irreverent tongues.

Thus found, abandoned objects are reborn and gain a new lease of life.

As an Anglo Dane born in Portugal, Peter Gilbert studied in the UK where he gained his BA Honours in Graphic Design at Norwich School of Art and Masters in International Journalism at City University.

Working mainly with metal in three dimensional form, but also with driftwood, carved woods and beachstones, his art is focused on upcycling found or discarded objects.

The result is a diverse range of conceptual, functional and Nature inspired artworks. These provide a testament to how the seemingly old or no longer useful can be revived and reinvented.

Today he lives by the coast, near Sintra, dividing his time between sculpture and copywriting.

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Le Creuset Crab 2023

(21x74x40cm) Cast Iron pot, perforated steel & tubes, silicone gun nozzles

Mummy Long Legs 2021

(90x150x110cm) Painted cooking pots, rugby ball & steel rods

Mallet Flamingo 2023

(164x74x16cm) Painted wooden mallet, flexible sink tube, rake, beachstone

Spider Stool 2021

(55x82x53cm) Painted bicycle seat, steel tubes

Grate of Thrones 2023

(160x44x42cm) Painted iron grate, metal rods, sink drain strainer, corks

Patchwork Turtle 2019

(50x130x98cm) Painted iron firebowl, coal clothes iron, aluminium tubing, cogs

Wirey Fox 2023

(47x46x10cm) Painted bike seat wire & steel mesh

Scarab 2023

(125x70x25cm) Painted steel wire mesh and toothbrushes

Gecco Groove 2022

(170x150x12cm) Painted iron grill & carpenter's saw

Fantail 2021

(60x26x10cm) Painted chicken wire metal rake iron & stone

Netfish 2023

(142x70x8cm) Painted chicken wire fibrepaste & cogs

Anyone Seen Adam? 2022

(310x62x48) Painted iron tube & perforated metal mesh

Sting 2022

(115x77x100cm) Painted metal wood & pliers

Tatu Tattoo 2022

(128x55x18cm) Painted stainless steel & gardening forks

Cuckoo Cage 2022

(40x36x30cm) Painted bird cage rail hooks & feathers

Wire Cockrel 2021

(70x46x14cm) Chicken wire metal & stone

Iron Gull 2015

(43x44x9cm) Painted pickaxe & hammer

Proud Peacock 2021

(95x30x44cm) Painted rake iron and stone

Warrior Head 2013

(58x21x21cm) Painted iron cooking pot

FlyMe 2022

(52x52x35) Painted steel mesh rods & cogs

Arachnid Aureus 2018

(80x80x15cm) Painted bicycle seat & steel rods

Hooked! 2020

(121x96x6cm) Painted driftwood iron & brass

FloatFish 2022

(67x32x74cm) Painted Metal Buoy & Rake

Hippo 2020

(12x50x9cm) Painted steel birch wood block & branch

Impala 2019

(104x80x10cm) Painted collated tree roots

Cork Croc on a Rock 2019

(31x76x6cm) Painted cork oak branch & steel

Buffalo Bill 2020

(125x45x20cm) Painted driftwood & carved beach stone

Caterpillar 2020

(300x66x15cm) Painted steel tube & iron rods

Poppy Power 2019

(48x14x5cm) Painted wire/Mesh & glass bottle

Kettlephant 2019

(36x22x20cm) Iron kettle & painted steel

Twisted Tail Tomcat 2020

(142x42x8cm) Painted wood & iron

Fossil Fish 2019

(75x88x8cm) Painted plywood driftwood & iron

Cavalino Rampante 2020

(63x40x9cm) Painted iron aluminium & wood

Hoe Cat 2006

(60x30x10cm) Painted hoe & hinges

Rust Fish 2016

(81x26x3cm) Driftwood wire mesh & rusted sheet iron

Toro Rococo 2015

(40x89x18cm) Painted carved woods

Champagne Bouquet 2016

(54x29x29cm) Glass bottle corks & rods

Mosquito 2017

(120x60x20cm) Driftwood carved woods wire mesh & iron

Swing Monkey 2018

(125x81x12cm) Whitewashed driftwood & iron

Cat Rabbit 2009

(45x21x15cm) Painted hoe & iron

Steel Sunflowers 2023

(67x56x11cm) Painted steel cutting discs, cogs and hardwood

Birds on a Wire 2018

(38x14x10cm) Painted secateurs

Bullseye XL 2018

(95x95x50cm) Painted wood & iron

Bullseye 2013

(58x58x42cm) Oxidised painted oil drum

Pipe Dream Totem 2016

(288x40x28cm) Driftwood wood & iron

Locust 2019

(246x64x18cm) Driftwood, carved woods & iron

Mr Dapper 2016

(35x43x15cm) Painted wooden table & bicycle cogs

Bikeseat Bar Stools 2017

Bicycle seats & satelite dish mounts

Drift Bar Stools 2017

(110x31x30cm) Driftwood & steel

Babar Table 2016

(53x63x45cm) Watering can, tray & drift

Cog Table 2019

(112x60x60cm) Painted wood & steel

Root Reflection II 2019

(60x76x15cm) Painted wood & roots

Candlestick 2013

(54x20x20cm) carved woods, cogs & cutting disc

Candlesticks 2017

(44x13x13cm) Carved woods, cogs & drain

Drift Director 2018

(115x64x66cm) Driftwood, buoys & iron

Candlestick 2013

(53x20x20cm) Carved woods, cutting disc & cogs

Five Cog Chair 2018

(105x55x48cm) Driftwood, buoy & iron

Round Drift Mirror 2018

(108x88x8cm) Mirror, driftwood & iron

Golden Buoy Mirror 2017

(86x51x10cm) Mirror, driftwood, buoy & iron

Tripod Throne 2018

(143x63x55cm) Whitewashed driftwood & buoy

Cage Man 2020

(42x47.5x27.5cm) Painted bird cage & action man

#ThisisAmerica 2019

(115x76x2.5cm) Painted wood & steel

Drums of War 2022

(58x58x40cm) Painted oil drum, wood & metal

Déjà Vu 2022

(68x63x4.5cm) Painted compressed card on roofing board

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