Nothing is finite.
Everything can be transformed. Reinvented.  In Peter Gilbert’s world, discarded or found everyday objects, be they Man made or Nature formed, offer endless possibilities and become the building blocks for his art.

Fantail, painted chicken wire, metal rake, iron & stone
Peacock, painted rake, iron and stone
Wire Cockrel, chicken wire, metal & stone
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, 2020 (67 x 51 x 15 cm) painted driftwood, steel mesh & iron



As an Anglo Dane born in Portugal,  Peter Gilbert studied in the UK where he gained his BA Honours in Graphic Design at Norwich School of Art and Masters in International Journalism at City University. 

Working mainly with metal in three dimensional form, but also with driftwood and beachstones, his art is focused on upcycling found or discarded objects. 

The result is a diverse range of conceptual, functional and Nature inspired artworks. These provide a testament to how the seemingly old or no longer useful can be revived and reinvented.

Today he lives by the coast, near Sintra, dividing his time between sculpture and copywriting. 

Selected Works




Art Reborn

Rusted iron, sun bleached driftwood and antique carved woods are the materials of choice.

Weathered by the passage of time, these ingredients have already been “pre-sculpted” by Nature or Man and  are upcycled to provide a fascinating palette of forms, textures and tones.

The approach is usually whimsical. Disused iron cooking pots are turned upside down, fused with other found objects and transformed into warrior helmets. Similarly obsolete pickaxes and coat hangers metamorphose into bird forms and bright pink discarded inner soles mutate to become irreverent tongues.

Thus found, abandoned objects are reborn and gain a new lease of life.


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